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What is a doula? What does Doula support look like? 


The word doula derives from the Ancient Greek definition “ A woman who serves”. A concept that has evolved throughout the years to what is today. A labor doula is a trained professional that a family hires to provide unbiased emotional, physical, and educational support throughout their pregnancy, labor/delivery, and early postpartum. Some examples of this are, helping narrow down your birth preferences, offering local resources, using comfort measures such as counter pressure and rebozo etc. , processing the birth with you in early postpartum and much more! 

Care packages & Individual Services

Full Care Package:

- Free consultation Up to 2 prenatal meetings to discuss your birth plan, the process of birth and review physical comfort measures. We will also briefly discuss your postpartum care plan.


- Text, call and email support


- Access to local resources ,online resources and my lending library


- A back-up doula in the unlikely event I' m unable to make it to your birth


- On call from 37 + weeks to delivery


- Continual birth support up to 1 hour post birth


- Up to 2 postpartum visits within the first 10 days to process your birth, answer questions you may have about postpartum and infant care, and do some light house cleaning and cooking.      Price: $800



                   Individual Services



Birth Plan Consulting :

A consultation up to 2 hours long to discuss:

- Your birth preferences

- The creation of a Birth Plan


- Questions and concerns you may have   Price: $40 ( Any further meetings will be $10 an hour)

* It is my belief that everyone deserves a doula. I am more than happy to make payment plans to fit anyone's current circumstances. I'm also willing to barter/trade for services.

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